Five Star Restaurant Philosophy


Executive Chef Scott Anderson chose the name "elements" for the restaurant because he is passionate about sourcing fresh, local, organic ingredients and sustainably raised meats and seafood. He wants the very elements of your meal to play a major role in the taste of it. Then he and his team work to reveal the complementary flavor dimensions inherent in the elements by skillfully combining them—often in edgy new ways. Restaurant menus change constantly here, making this the dinner restaurant that is excitingly different every time you return.

Farm to Table American Cuisine


If you're a foodie, you want to know where—and how--your food grew. It's fascinating, it's a good health practice and it provides extra pleasure from everyday experiences, like a meal with friends. elements is the American restaurant serving local steak and seafood, but with global influences in seasoning and cooking methods. A true culinary adventure!

Casual Dining Atmosphere


People tell us elements has a healthy organic restaurant atmosphere: uncluttered, clean and well-lighted. We appreciate that, because we want to welcome you for fancy dining, Sunday brunch, weekday lunch, and any meal you want to enjoy to the fullest.