printable menu


the beginning...

yogurt and granola  $12

agave, apple, herbs, barley


market salad  $12

lamb chopper, citrus, barley, herbs


housemade characuterie  $20

cured meats, lardo, pickles, mustards, chutneys


a composed salad  $14

apple, salsify, pancetta, goat cheese, barley


foie gras  $18

walnut, bacon, bourbon, maple, sweet potato


local white soybean soup  $14

kimichi, sweet potato, croquette


the middle...

chicken sausage and basted egg  $18

pinto beans, tomatillo, greens, potato, mole rojo


barbeque Griggstown chicken  $18

cornbread, sorrel, jalapeno, coleslaw


buttermilk conrmeal pancakes  $17

smoked maple syrup, blueberry, molasses ice cream, pecan


“French style” scramble  $17

maitake, bacon, housemade toast


steak & eggs  $28

beets, blueberry, black trumpet, purple cabbage


omlette  $17

cauliflower, cheddar, crimini, pancetta


ricotta cheese crepe  $18

greens, honey, pinenut, maitake


smoked pork "eggs benedict"  $20

english muffin, organic egg, yuzu kosho hollandaise


Peterson's burger  $16

potato bun, caramelized onion, our bacon, cheddar


childrens' menu

buttermilk pancakes  $8


organic eggs  $10

any style, our bacon, toast


mac & cheese  $10